October 2016

Stop The Enemy!

Nothing stood in their way. The Germans, under the strategic leadership of General Rommel, had their hearts set on conquering Palestine. And...
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Given The Capacity to Cope It is very hard to detach ourselves from the lofty atmosphere of the month of Tishrei, and...
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Shnayim Mikra V’echod Targum Every year on Simchas Torah we start reading again from the beginning of the Torah, from the very...
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Shabbos Chol Hamoe’d Succos Yom Kippur fell on Shabbos, A week later Shabbos is Chol Ha’Moed Succos. We will read, in the...
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Hashem’s Holy Day Honored “Im toshiv miShabbos…—If you restrain your foot because it is Shabbos, refrain from acccomplishing your own needs on...
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