Jewish Laws

The word for Jewish laws is Halacha which is from the root of the verb to go.  Halacha tells us how to go about our lives, down to the details of how to wake up each morning and how to go to sleep each night.  Does it really matter to God how I tie my shoes?  Imagine getting a new piece of expensive studio equipment or a new-fangled car.

Wouldn’t you read the Owner’s Manual and live by its ideas when running that equipment?!  God gave us life and created man.  He gave us the “Owner’s Manual” the way to get optimum performance from human existence.  How silly we would be not to go according to the Owner’s Manual.

We are told that anyone who learns two Halachos a day, two laws each day, is going to make it to the World to Come.  Easy to do, no?  But life intrudes, and we get lax.  Let us try together to start those two laws a day routine, how about it?

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