The Flame of Chassidus

European Jewry, a couple hundred years ago, was at a crisis point.  Due to the harsh economic reality they lived with, most European Jews could not afford Torah scholarship.  Only an elite few managed to learn Torah properly.  Most others were busy daybreak to nightfall with trying to make enough money so they could have bread to eat.  A few elite managed to find a way to learn Torah, and the rest of the Jewish populace were treated as a different breed of Jew.  The schism meant the vast majority of Jews felt a disconnect to their heritage.  Along came the Baal Shem Tov whose message is that everything in this world, even working for a living, is Torah.  Davening, doing kind deeds, that is all Torah.  True, there are Torah scholars needed, and the Ba’al Shem Tov was a towering Torah scholar; but the water carriers are also needed in the world God set up.  There must be an access point to Godliness for everyone, from the shoemaker to the rabbi of the shul.  Avodah, forging a relationship with God based on your personal circumstances, became the pillar of the Chassidic movement.  Here we share some Chassidic nougats with you, so you, too, can go forth and sing a song to God.