Bring Down The Blessings

All the blessings we have in life — our health, our spouses, our children, our livelihood — come from above. But how do we bring them down to us? How can we ask for and deserve the abundance that awaits every Jew?
One way is to connect to a tzadik — one of the Great Ones of our tradition. Reb Aharon of Belz was such a one… a Rebbe of such holiness that even after his passing, he continues to look down on each of us and offer this most astounding guarantee: if you connect with him, he will give you his personal support, connecting your wishes with the Source of all blessings in heaven.

Although Reb Aharon lost all his children in the war, he considered the students of his yeshiva his own children, and laid the foundations of the modern Belz empire for their support. He made a solemn promise to all who supported “his boys” through tzedakah that supports their torah learning:

“Whoever supports the boys learning in my yeshiva, it is as if he has given to me personally.”

That promise has brought limitless blessings to all who have taken advantage of it. And now, during the days surrounding his yarzheit, when the Rebbe’s neshama (soul) returns to us, it is an especially auspicious time to connect with him by supporting Reb Aharon’s students.

In thanks for your generous donation, one of the yeshiva’s Rabbis will pray for you on 21 Av, the day of Reb Aharon’s yarzheit, at his holy resting place in Jerusalem. They will deliver your kvittel – your written personal requests of the Rebbe – bringing blessings on you, your family and all Israel.
May you and your family enjoy rich, fulfilling lives with many years of success, prosperity, health, and much si’yata d’shmaya.

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