Be Part of the Torah, Avoda, and Gemilas Chasadim in Belz


Ari Hakadosh: One Should Give Tzedakah

on Erev Succos and during Chol Hamoed Succos.

Here’s an opportunity to acquire your part in the

vast amounts of Torah, Avodah, and Gemilas Chasodim.

Be Part of the tremendous amounts of Torah, Avoda, and Gemilas Chasadim. The World of Belz includes Yungerleit who toil in Torah with their whole beings, dedicated Askanim who help the sick and poor from every background, motivated teachers who reach out to Jews who haven’t had an opportunity to receive a Jewish education, and much more. Use the links below to find out about programs in Torah, Chinuch, Kiruv and Chesed, or pledge your support as a general donation for all of the above.

May your generous donation bring you Shefa, Berachah, and Hatzlachah from Above.

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