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Teshuvah, Tefilla and Tzedakah

These three words are constantly on our minds during the Holidays. In English they are often translated as repentance, prayer and charity. They are much, much more. Teshuvah is to return to our roots as children of Hashem. Tefillah is to bind ourselves to G-d in Heaven and to His tzadikim here on Earth. Tzedakah means “righteousness,” to do the right thing with our material wealth. After all, everything we are blessed with was given to us from above.

At this auspicious time, we can take action to soften the judgment on us by giving generously. You can direct your donation to any one of over a dozen Belz programs in chinuch, kiruv and chesed, each of which affect the lives of your fellow Jews in countless ways. Or pledge your support as a general donation and we’ll direct it to where it is most needed. Either way, you’ll be fulfilling the words of the gripping prayer of Unesaneh Tokef in the High Holiday davening: “U’seshuva, u’sefilla, u’tzedoka maavirim es roah hagezeirah!”

May your the promise of Rosh Hashanah and the fulfillment of Yom Kippur bring each of you a year of sweetness and abundance.


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