Experience a Tish with the Ruv z”l

An amazing set of photographs of a Sheva Berachos Tish that the Ruv z”l conducted in honor of R’ Yitzchok Dov Rokeach a”h, a nephew of the Ruv z”l.



The Ruv z”l and his brother, the Bilgorayer Ruv z”l, arrive to the Tish


Washing על נטילת ידים


Cutting the Chalah


Fish and giving שיריים


Liqueur after the fish


Soup and main course


שטעלן וויין

(the participants at the Tish give wine for Lechaim and their names are called out. As the Gemara says, bringing wine to a Talmud Chacham is like bringing Bikkurim.)



Wishing Lechaim to the assembled


Preparing the cups for Bentching


Bentching and Sheva Berachos

!אשרי עין שראתה כל אלה

Fortunate are those who witnessed

the Avodah of the great Tzaddik!



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(Thank you Ohr Hatzafon and R’ Avrum Moshe Shapiro for the photographs.)