Personal Prayer


TZIUN personal prayer

On Har Hamenuchot in Jerusalem is the resting place of the previous Belzer Rebbe, the holy Reb Aharon Rokeach z”l. One of the most influential tzadikim in modern history, Reb Aharon was world renowned for his holiness and devotion to the Jewish people. On his yartzeit, hundreds of thousands of Jews from all walks of life flock here to pray for health, success, and relief from troubles. But you can experience the power of these prayers from anywhere in the world. In honor of your generous donation, a Belz Rabbi will go to the Tzion on your behalf and pray for you and your loved ones.


KOTEL prayer for jewish

For Jews, the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, or Kotel, is the holiest spot on the face of the Earth. It is an ancient tradition to place a kvitel, a small prayer card or scrap of paper with a personal supplication, in the crevices between the time-worn stones. In honor of your donation, a kvitel with your name and/or the names of your loved ones will be hand placed in the wall by our appointed messenger who will pray individually for your health, success, children, engagement — anything you desire.


It is written that the prayers of children, who have never tasted the flavor of sin, have a special effect in the spiritual realm. Their simple words and pure thoughts go straight to our Father in Heaven. As a tribute to your donation, a class of young children will daven with their Rebbe each day for a month with your name and/or the name of your loved ones on their lips. We can even arrange to send you a recorded clip of their classroom prayers.


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