The Belz empire spans the globe, but its core is in Jerusalem, the epicenter of the Jewish nation. From there, Belz has reached out to become a integral part of the religious, educational, medical, and social service infrastructure of Israel. By investing in our homeland through the scores of programs described on these pages, Belz is helping to build a future for Eretz Yisrael and for the entire Jewish nation.

The monumental scope of Belz’s programs in the three areas of Torah education, chesed, and kiruv provides inspiration for all Jews. Through these programs, The World of Belz makes priceless contributions to the Jewish community everyday, helping to ensure our nation will flourish until the coming of Moshiach.




The Foundation of All We Do

Torah is the foundation on which Belz chassidus — and the whole world — rests. By building a network of Torah institutions to educate generations of children, Belz guarantees its own future and the future of klal Yisrael. What began with 40 boys in a small Jerusalem yeshiva has evolved into a network of institutions spanning 13 major cities throughout Israel. Today, Belz educational institutions touch tens of thousands of Torah scholars and children whose learning sustains the world every moment of every day.

  • Boys Elementary Schools

  • Over 2500 boys learning in seven cities throughout Eretz Yisroel, including Ashdod, Haifa and Tel Aviv

  • Yeshiva Ketane

  • Quality learning for older boys, with attendance of 520, including schools in smaller communities like Komemiyut & Telz Stone

  • Yeshiva Gedolah

  • Some 1000 high school boys in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Ashdod and Haifa enrolled in Belz yeshivot

  • Girls Elementary & High Schools

  • Part of the Bais Malka network of girls schools, with nearly 5000 girls learning Jewish values across Israel

  • Kollel

  • Advanced learning for men in seven major Israeli cities.

  • Kinyan Torah

  • Mentoring & advancement for Yeshiva talmidim with high potential

  • Yagdil Torah

  • Disseminating Torah & shi’urei Torah; free publication of seforim for avreichim

  • He’osfi

  • Disseminating Torah & shi’urei Torah; free publication of seforim for avreichim

Rooted in Caring

Over the decades, Belz has built a worldwide network of social services that give comfort, healing and relief to all those in need. We provide clothing to young married couples and school children. We offer housing assistance and help purchase appliances for new couples. We provide financial assistance after the birth of a child, fund brissim and kiddushim. We send weekly meals to the elderly and providing temporary loan assistance. Belz offers support to Jews at literally every stage of life.

Belz is renowned for its life-saving humanitarian projects. When people are in medical or financial crisis, Belz is there with teams of trained professionals and volunteers to provide support. We know that when families can be helped at times of great hardship, they will ultimately come to stand on their own.

Whether it is someone dealing with illness, a breadwinner looking for better parnassa, or a family that cannot make ends meet, Belz treats each person with compassion, understanding, respect, and dignity.


  • Ezras U’Vikur Cholim

  • Free transportation to and from hospitals; summer camps for sick children

  • Walder Educati- onal Center for Teaching

  • The Israel center of the Chicago institution that provides teacher training, aids, and innovative curricula.

  • Tikva U’Marpeh

  • Support & assistance to dialysis patients; special department for children

  • Saad Umarpeh

  • A Help Israel Charity dedicated to assisting patients and families throughout the recovery process.

  • Chaim Shel Osher

  • Preparing chassanim and callahs for marriage; follow-up with avreichim

  • Vechai Ochichu Imoch

  • Guidance & placement at workplaces; occupationasolutions; debt settlement

  • Ezer LeYoldos

  • Domestic help & child care after birth; supplies cooked meals

  • Soiss Ussis – Community Catering

  • Organizes cooking and set-up for simchos at cost price

  • Chassuna Plan

  • Planning and solutions for reducing the cost of a wedding strength, counseling & guidance

  • Values Committee

  • Handling and supervising communications and computers to ensure the sanctity of the Jewish home


The loss of thousands of Jews to assimilation and intermarriage is even greater than the numbers we count today: future generations are also lost forever. After rebuilding from the destruction of the Holocaust, Belz refused to accept the further devastation of losing even more Jews to a “spiritual holocaust.” To answer the challenge, Belz created large scale outreach programs in America and in Israel to bring unaffiliated Jews back to their roots.

By exposing them to Torah through seminars, mass media, Shabbatons, and workshops, Belz opens their senses to the sweetness of Torah. This global kiruv effort has succeeded beyond measure. Klal Yisrael is experiencing an exponential wave of return that Belz is proud to support. Entire families have committed themselves to Torah observance, building homes filled with Jewish values.

Through these programs Belz works tirelessly to reconnect, reunite and preserve the Jewish people so that we can once again be one nation with one heart.

  • Traveling Chasidim

  • An uplifting and talented group of Chassidic families who bring transformational Shabbatons to communities around the country

  • Hidabroot

  • Cable T.V. channel in Israel broadcasting Yiddishkeit 24 hours a day, including films, lectures & live events

  • Yiddishkeit with a Smile

  • Centers for spiritual awareness and reinforcing study of Yiddishkeit both at the home front and outside

  • Direction

  • Guidance & counseling, contact & assistance for parents, teachers & adolescents