Vitamin T – Weekly Inspiration

Get a Weekly Shot in the Soul. In our day and age, most folks agree vitamins are crucial to good health. Spirituality and a feeling of connection to the Divine need its own dose of Vitamins. We call it Vitamin T, a dose of Torah inspiration. Connect your soul to the weekly Torah portion in a profound way. Hear, be inspired, feel your soul come alive!

Human Spirit Optimization

Modeh world creator

Modeh: World Creator

What a vast, immense and beautiful world this is…and there is a Master Creator who thought of every convenience and pleasure to put into this world.

Ani Self Love

Ani: Self Love

Hashem loves you, love yourself, too! Once you’ve acknowledged the greatness of your Creator, realize, if He created you, there’s a mission for you to do!

Lifanecha personal line to God

Li’Fanecha: Personal Line to God

As great as He is, as small as we feel, there is a very real and personal relationship we can have with God.

Na’aseh Adam - Create Yourself

Na’aseh Adam: Create Yourself

God said, when making man, “let US make man”. And we are taught that we are co-creators with God. He gives us the gifts we have, and we create ourselves by the things we do with the gifts He gave.

Inspirational Quote

Jewish inspiration quotes
The more sure and steady you tread, the more visible a trail you leave behind for others to follow. Ma’aseh Avos Siman La’Banim – our forefathers paved the way for us. We can always look back and see how they navigated life’s roads and byways. Make sure the next generation sees your imprint, too!
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